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About Us

Slypner Gear specializes in products designed for trail riding, including horse supplies for grooming, supplements, saddles, and heart rate monitors. Located in Claremont, New Hampshire, we're the home of Slypner Athletic Horseshoes, which were designed and developed in Denmark. Our name was derived from the mythical, eight-legged Nordic horse that walked on water, in the air, and on the ground. Our team strives to offer products to enhance the well-being and health of each horse as well as riders that are weekend warriors and seasoned competitors. Here, you'll find the highest quality products designed for both horse and riders that do it all, just like Slypner, our namesake.

We've got everything a trail rider needs—whether you're local to Claremont or we're shipping nationwide. It all started with the Slypner horseshoe, a two-part shoe that was easier to put on the horse. Now, we sell a wide range of owner-tested products that we know work well with trail riders and horses. Come to us for the finest supplies, competitive pricing, and a full inventory of personally-selected, proven products all sold with excellent service by knowledgeable riders and horse lovers.

From Myth to Your Stable

The company's name is taken from Norse Mythology. Slypner was a horse with eight legs that could walk on water, in the air and over the ground. He was the greatest horse known to gods and men. Odin, the Allfather and most powerful of the gods, chose him as his own.

Quality You Can Count On

We choose the brands and items we carry based on customer requests and our personal experiences. Each brand is well known and respected for excellent quality and dedication to innovation in horse-related gear and products.

Our most popular product currently is Easy Care Horse Boots. These are designed for trail riders, and the boots are easy to put on and take off. New products arrive regularly, and we're happy to introduce new and veteran riders to something unique every month or two. We honor all manufacturer warranties, and offer our own 30-day return policy on unused products. Stop in today and see why so many riders love Slypner Gear!

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